The CEF Analyzer Screener allows you to sort and search on various closed-end fund factors, such as distribution rate, discount and discount z-score. Prices and factors derived from price, such as distribution rate, discount and z-score, update throughout the day when markets are open. The lag is about 20 minutes.

You can sort a column in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column heading. You can also click the ticker links, to open the Quote page for any fund.

The Advanced Search box can be opened by clicking the Advanced Search link below. It serves several purposes.

First, many of the available columns are hidden by default. This is because it takes a wide screen to show all of them. You can use the Show/Hide dropdowns in the Advanced Search dialog to customize the columns that are visible on your particular screen.

Second, in the Advanced Search box, you can enter search criteria. In most cases you can enter the Lowest value you want to screen for in any given column or the Highest.

Third, you can save search criteria in your account for future use if you are signed in.

Here are some examples.

  • If you want to see only funds with a distribution rate of 5% or more, you could enter 5 as the Lowest number for the Distribution column.
  • If you want to see only funds that are trading at a discount, you could enter 0 as the Highest number for the Discount column.
  • If you want only funds paying a dividend of 7% or more and only those trading at a discount, you could enter 7 in Lowest for Distribution and 0 in Highest for Discount.
  • If you think that a CEF that is earning its distribution should have positive undistributed net investment income (UNII) and net investment income (NII) exceeding the distribution rate, you could enter 0 in Lowest for Excess (the difference between NII yield and distribution rate) and 0 in Lowest for UNII/Dist (UNII divided by projected annual distribution).

Once you have made your selections in the Advanced Search box, click the Search Now button to see the results. It takes some experimentation to find criteria appropriate for your strategy.

To see a more detailed definition of what each column means, hover the mouse over the column name in either the Screener page or the Advanced Search box. For an explanation of fund categories and benchmarks, pleas read this.

You can hide this box to save space by clicking the Help! link or keep it open for reference. You can also set your default preference using the buttons below and you can change your preference at any time.

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